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Personalized Piano Selection


Personalized, professional selection service.

The choice of the right piano can be one of the hardest decisions. It’s more than color, style or price. It’s about the investment in an instrument that can profoundly influence your musical future.

It doesn’t matter what type of pianist you are. Beginning student, enthusiastic amateur, college music student or professional musician, the right piano is the right tool for the job. We can help.

Nonesuch Pianos offers professional, personalized piano selection consultation to musicians of all types and ability. We have access to new pianos and restored pianos. We can also accompany you to area dealers to guide you in the purchase of the right piano for you.




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Overview of Our Products & Services

New pianos

We take pride in the line of new pianos we currently offer. All are well-built, quality instruments that will provide joy and satisfaction to each person who sits down to play them. Our line of Bechstein Pianos, one of the finest brands of pianos in the world, are ready for the finest musicians in the world. The Matchless Cunningham piano of Philadelphia, continues the tradition of beautiful design and warm tone at affordable prices. Hailun Piano is building lovely instruments that are perfect for young players, students and the discerning amateur pianist.

Piano Service & Restoration

Our sister company, The Piano Practice, specializes in Full-Service care of your piano. They offer the convenience of online scheduling for tunings, repairs and other services. They also handle restoration and rebuilding of client’s pianos. They also occasionally accept consignments of pianos that need work and then offer them for sale.

restored pianos

We are always on the look-out for well-known name pianos that have been neglected. These older pianos built by companies such as Mason & Hamlin, Steinway, Chickering and Baldwin, are given a new life with a complete rebuild. We install quality sound boards from Bolduc or Absolute Pianos, action parts from Wessel, Nichol & Gross, hammers by Abel & Son and piano wire from Paulello. Case work is refinished to match the style of the period. We strive to rebuild a piano that is a delight to play at a fraction of the cost of a new piano.

Keeping the acoustic piano exciting

The piano as we know it today has been around since the early 1800’s. In many ways, little has changed. But there are new and exciting things happening in the piano world. New materials are being developed for use in the piano that offer longer life and greater stability. New technologies are being installed in pianos that allow for long distance teaching and learning over the internet, direct recording capabilities and a lot more. We plan to promote these new products and services.


Without a piano I don’t know how to stand, don’t know what to do with my hands.
— Norah Jones


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